We can tell you all about why MD Marketing Experts will help your practice succeed and increase your bottom line. Why not listen to what some of our clients love about us as well?


“When I started working with MD Marketing, for me, it was a pleasure, because finally, someone put everything together for me. I was doing my own Facebook and my own Twitter, and I was dealing with 5 separate people. I had someone doing SEO, and someone doing PPC, and someone doing websites, and someone doing social media… and it became so confusing and the right hand wasn’t talking to the left, so finally, when I began working with MD Experts, ¬† they put it all together so there’s finally one company that does everything.

I’m amazed at how many docs come up to me and say “Who does your Facebook?” or “how do you do Twitter?” A lot of doctors don’t have Twitter or Facebook and they don’t see it as an advertising or marketing tool, but I do. It’s really nice to have MD Marketing Experts handling it because across all the mediums, you have a consistent message. It really changed my practice and I don’t know what I would do without them.”

~Dr. Michael Fiorillo


“I just finished my website with MD Marketing Experts and I have to say that the company is amazing. They worked with me every step of the way. I got every little thing that I needed and wanted. I had prompt feedback and prompt responses to emails, texts, and phone calls. There was absolutely no lag in information. Everything I asked for was answered. They went well and beyond means to make me happy. There was never a ‘no’ or a hesitancy or excuses about why they couldn’t get something done. All they did was exceed my expectations.”

~Natalie Sharp, FNP-BC


“We chose to have MD Marketing Experts to build our website for Pure Vitality Rx and we are very happy with the customer service and the professionalism. It was very easy to work with the staff. They were very professional and they responded to all of our questions in great detail. We are very happy with their performance and we look forward to working with them in the future. I recommend MD Marketing Experts without any hesitation to undertake any website design and marketing projects.”

~Dr. Eugene Raber


“I like that I don’t have to worry about anything. It’s with one company instead of with 12 different people. Everything is together and synced. Everything makes sense. Previously, there wasn’t enough flow. The right hand didn’t know what the left was doing. Now we monitor more what’s working and what’s not so we don’t spend our money on what’s not working.¬†Everyone is so helpful. If there is something I don’t know the answer to, they say “I’ll find out. I’ll call the company. I’ll talk to them.” They researched products and services that we do. They’ve done webinars that I don’t have time to do. They’re really helpful like that. I really think the whole company is great.”

~Sandra Signorelli, Office Manager


“If you’re looking for a company with accountability, integrity, and takes great pride in their work, contact MD Marketing Experts. They handled everything for me. From redesigning my website and adding special features like product shops, newsletter pop-ups, and BMI calculators, to designing all of my print marketing materials including brochures and business cards, they took care of it all.”

~Jillian Panzella, CHHP RYT PT


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