Social Media


Did you know that 54% of Facebook users are between 35 and 55 years old? On top of that, the average Facebook user “shares” content 415 times a year – and MD Marketing Experts wants to help you take advantage of this unique marketing opportunity. It isn’t just Facebook either; Twitter users are 47% more likely to visit the website of a company they follow, and 35% more likely to give their business to them. Integrating social media into our total marketing solutions allows you to consistently stay in front of your healthcare clients, and bring in referrals from those who share your content.


MD Marketing Experts creates and populates professional social media for Doctors profiles designed to “wow” visitors and encourage engagement. We can help you properly utilize Facebook, Twitter, Google+, blogs, LinkedIn, and other popular social media services that we identify as profitable for you. Managing multiple social media profiles can be incredibly time consuming, so let us do all the work. We’ll post content that engages users and gets them liking, sharing, retweeting, and +1-ing your brand all over the internet.

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