Social Media Marketing For Physicians

Social Media Marketing For Physicians
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There is a vigorous debate among doctors and SEO professionals as to whether social media marketing is essential for a practice’s profitability, a complete and utter waste of time, or somewhere in between. Truth be told, there is considerable support for almost any position on this spectrum.

As in many areas of life, the “somewhere in between” response is probably the correct one.

Much of SMM depends on the type of practice. If most of your patients have been coming for more than about five years and you have little room for new patients, social media marketing should probably be limited, to avoid bringing in new business and new inquiries that you quite frankly do not have the time to handle. In these rare cases, a limited campaign that focuses on very high quality content is probably best, because your patients still expect to find you on social media.

However, if you are new to the area or are offering a new service, thoughtful and aggressive SMM could be just what you need to get your message out and expand your practice.


SMM Campaign Elements

Most doctors do not utilize social media, so now is an excellent time to launch a concerted medical marketing campaign.

  • Photos: People are much more likely to read the text if there is a relevant photo attached. Consider investing in a Shutterstock or other account.
  • High Quality Content: People expect their doctors to use highly technical words and phrases, but at the same time, they also expect physicians to explain these terms in ways that they can understand, perhaps by analogy or example.
  • Frequent LinkedIn Posts: This social media site is a great place to get referral business, so posts should have more of a clinical, B2B tone.
  • Join the Conversation: A thoughtful comment or Tweet is almost like the 21st-century equivalent of being an expert panelist on a TV talk show.

To keep the conversation going, ask lots of questions. You’ll get accurate feedback, and you’ll also demonstrate an interest in your patient’s lives.

No matter what platform you use, be sure all your content conforms to the EAT standard, as it should be engaging, authoritative, and trustworthy (there is a way that a reader can contact you directly).

At MD Marketing Experts, we help doctors broadcast their message, attract new patients, and retain the ones they have. For a free consultation, contact us online or call 888-428-7999.



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