Should I Use Social Media?

Should I Use Social Media?

Some businesses think that they can just have a website created and it will do well on its own without help from other outside online sources. While this may be true for much older and established websites, even those established sites have taken advantage of social media. And who can argue with social media giants such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, Youtube, and many others? They draw so much traffic that any online business that does not take advantage of this is likely losing massive amounts of exposure and traffic.

As of June 2014 according to eBizMBA online, Facebook now gets an estimated 900 million unique monthly visitors per day! Those are unique visitors and not return visitors which puts the number of actual monthly visitors astronomically higher. If your online business is not taking advantage of this massive amount of traffic and exposure you could be getting, then it is time to contact MD Marketing to see how we can help you get started online in social networking. MD Marketing can create a business page for you and drive traffic to that page which in turn drives traffic to your website and from there, it snowballs. Social network sites rely on one thing, the spreading of information and businesses online to other users of social networks. The result is an avalanche of traffic of people looking for the services that you offer.

What about Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, and Youtube? All these social networking websites have one important thing in common. Although they offer a different way to convey information, they all accomplish the spreading of information to each other. For instance, did you know that you can post something on your Facebook and that same post will ‘Tweet’ to Twitter and vice versa? This can double or even triple your exposure. And with Youtube’s share feature, you can have a custom video created for your Youtube channel and have that video shared among several other social networking websites. Social networking for any online business is now more important than it has ever been. With massive amounts of traffic to websites such as Youtube who now ranks as the #2 most visited website online, not taking advantage of this is the same as turning away potential clients and customers.

You should understand that just because social media gets so much traffic, that it is still a long process in getting established on these websites. Getting followers and “Likes” can be a steady and difficult challenge that takes time. It requires hard work and perseverance, but the rewards in the end are well worth it. Social networking can be used to advertise your online business and your main website and give you a social edge over your competitors. Having a site that allows interaction between your company and your patients is a great way to earn trust among potential patients or clients.

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