Search Engine Optimization: Content & Navigation

Search Engine Optimization: Content & Navigation

Search Engine Optimization is crucial in the online world of internet marketing and it has really become more of a science in the ever changing world of online search. If your website does not have proper Search Engine Optimization, then you are likely missing out on valuable internet traffic as consumers or online searchers may not being seeing your website and are instead finding your competitors. So, how do you remedy this? Search Engine Optimization of your website for search engines such as Google, Yahoo, or Microsoft’s Bing search engines include many factors.


One of the most important things that any website should have to help it gain a strong foothold online is content. It has been said many times by many experts that content is king. And while that is true still even today, your website content not only needs to meet certain guidelines set by Google and other search engines, but it should be closely related and relevant to your online business and represent your company services. There is good content and then there is great content. Whether you are writing the content for yourself, or if you are having a professional writer create the content, not only should it be optimized for the keywords that you have chosen, but the content should be understandable and engaging and represent your online business and the services that you offer. The key is to give the searcher exactly what they were looking for and stay relevant. Writing SEO content is sometimes best left to the professionals as they know exactly what keywords should be used and know the proper density or, how many times that keyword shows up in an article.


Another thing that is important is the structure of your website and the navigation. A messy website is not only going to get you ranking lower on the Search Engines, but it is going to frustrate your searcher who has found your page and is trying to get the information on the services they are looking for. Proper code without errors and the way the website is written is important. Cross browser access is important because you want the searcher to find exactly what they are looking for no matter what browser they are using; Firefox, Google Chrome, or Internet explorer. Having your website optimized for mobile devices is so much more important now than ever as the masses switch from personal computer and laptops to phones and tablets. Having all this done is also better left to professionals who can test across all browsers and mobile devices to make sure your website is showing up correctly.

Other Considerations

There are many other factors to take into consideration when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. The biggest key to remember here is that the search engines, and especially Google, want to provide for their searchers, the most convenient and relevant search results for that web surfer. If the searcher finds exactly what they were searching for in an easy and efficient way, then your website gives the searcher value. The more people that find value in your website, the better you are going to rank in the search engines. Become an authority for your website, your brand, and the services you offer.

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