Content that Converts: How to Use Testimonials and Reviews for Your Medical Website

Content that Converts: How to Use Testimonials and Reviews for Your Medical Website

When you create descriptions and content for your website are you sure that they have the tone that your target market is actually looking for? When you take the time to look at the existing testimonial and reviews that you have received for the services you offer you can find out what information potential clients actually do care about. This can be truly invaluable information in terms of marketing and growing your business.

If you take for granted that you understand where your audience is coming from, you may be headed down a dead end path. However, when you take the time to read through the reviews that your satisfied customers have provided for your services, or services similar to yours, you will be able to find out quite a bit about what matters the most to the types of people that you are currently serving and those you would like to serve in the future.

In order to use reviews and testimonials to your advantage and to enhance your marketing strategy, do the following:

  • Take some time to go through the testimonials and reviews that your clients have written for your business. Look for reviews for your main competitors, as well.
  • Extract the key works that clients seem to be using when writing these testimonials and reviews, including the quality of the services they received, their attention to detail, punctuality, etc.
  • Ask yourself what the collection of words you have gathered says about your core client. Are they primarily focused on the execution and method of the services your offer, or more concerned with the type of person that you are.
  • After gathering a better picture of what is really important to your target customers, look at your current description on your website. This will be the information that you have published to your website. Has your copy been written with the values and the needs of your target audience in mind?


The content that you publish on your site needs to include important key terms, as well as explain exactly what you will do for your clients. If you do not make the benefit of using your services over your competitors clear, then they are going to look elsewhere for these answers. After leaving your site, chances are they will not be soon returning.

Keep in mind, your testimonials and reviews let you know what clients liked, and disliked, about your services, or the services of your competitors. Using this information will help you to develop a marketing plan that is more in tune with what your clients are looking for. Ignoring this information can be detrimental to your marketing efforts, leaving you with lackluster content that will not provide any type of conversions because it has not integrated what your clients actually care about. When it comes to a medical practice, having better content based on what your clients want will help you to achieve more satisfied clients.


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