Common Medical Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Common Medical Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Medical marketing is like an exact science. It is a more challenging field than the others because it involves marketing a wide range of highly regulated services and not physical products. Success in digital marketing is very possible when you angle correctly and you target the right audience. However, for you to achieve these, you must avoid the following mistakes made by most of the digital marketers in this field:

Lack of defined campaign aims

Successful medical marketing must have clearly defined campaign goals. Having campaign aims allows you to track your efforts and know if what you are doing is working or note. Such campaign goals can include measurable actions such as number of signups, form completions, and phone call inquiring about a particular service.

Not having patient-centric mentality

Most of the digital marketers involved with medical marketing usually fail to put themselves in the position of the patients when they are creating campaigns. As a result, the campaigns fail to relate to the target audience and this makes their investment worthless in the long run.

Reaching out to the wrong audience

It is possible for the medical marketer to have very nice campaigns with great content but still fail to convert because they are placed before the wrong eyeballs. It is important to get the ideal patient demographic and the good news is that there are several tools to help you nail the demographics right.

Failing to perform split testing

Just like in any other niche, A/B testing is very important in discovering the winning campaigns and those that ought to be killed. Most people in healthcare marketing, however, fail to run small tests to identify the winners before going full scale. They end up wasting their advertising dollars with very dismal results.

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