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Developing Video Content for Your Medical Firm

Until relatively recently, most digital information was consumed in the form of text, with images serving as an accompaniment to the writing. Today, however, with the proliferation of video services such as YouTube, Vine and even Instagram, consumers have begun to prefer visual content when browsing online.

These same changing viewing behaviors have altered the way in which products and services are marketed, as people prefer to see someone demonstrating the product or service. The same concept can be applied to attract new patients for your medical practice, given that the video content developed for your company is clean, informative and visually appealing.  You can leverage that idea to your advantage, especially if other medical practices are lagging behind and have no video content explaining their own firm, philosophy or services.

For example, given the amount of time and money spent to make your practice inviting for your patients and on myriad equipment, you can visually show that to your potential clients. In doing so, you are presenting viewers with a professional image of your clinic, in turn instilling a sense of confidence in you and your services.

Additionally, video content can be used to create a more personal relationship with viewers, by introducing yourself as well as members of your staff. By presenting yourself and staff in a friendly, approachable light, people are much more likely to visit your office for treatment. More so, on an educational level, you can use video content to inform potential and current patients about procedures offered in your office, as well as providing information on new developments within your particular field of medicine.

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How Video Can Help Your Website Visitors and Boost Your SEO

Not too long ago, most people consumed information on the internet in the form of text. People would read articles and maybe look at the accompanying pictures. However, thanks to increases in bandwidth and internet speed, internet browsing is no longer limited to the written word. Instead, video websites such as YouTube have rocketed in popularity. Gone are the days when you would have to wait for annoyingly long buffering times. Nowadays, watching a YouTube video is a relatively painless and immediate experience for many.

This increased accessibility of video has changed the behavior of consumers. In the past, people might have been content to read a written tutorial or gadget review. Now, people don’t just want to read the various steps in a tutorial or read specifications outlined in a review. They want to watch a video of how something gets done, and they want to hear the reviewer actually talk about the gadget while showing herself manipulating the device. Clearly, this has implications for medical professionals and their websites.

Consumers want video and they have come to expect video. If your clinic website does not have video, then it is certain that some visitors will come away disappointed. But this consumer behavior also contains the seeds of opportunity. If your site is able to use video strategically, then you will be setting yourself apart from those medical clinics which do not. There are many ways for you to use video to your advantage, while also helping your online visitors.

Instead of just describing the interior of your clinic, you can provide a video walkthrough. After all, if you have invested a good amount of funds in order to make your clinic inviting and comfortable, you should maximize that investment. Video of the clinic interior will send a very clear message to viewers that your clinic is a place of comfort and professionally-done aesthetics. You can also use video to show off the fact that your clinic possesses modern and up-to-date equipment.

On a more personal note, you can use video to introduce yourself, your doctors and your staff. When done properly, this will allow online visitors to establish a better and more personal impression of the people in your clinic. This may then make a personal visit to your premises that much more likely. At the informational level, you can also use video to educate online visitors about the procedures that you can carry out, as well as more general health information related to your field of practice.

These uses of video won’t just better educate and inform website visitors, and better persuade them to make an appointment. Video will also have SEO benefits for your site. One reason behind the search engine optimization benefit of video is that search engines also realize that video is something that consumers want. If you run a search for a particular product or service on Google, for example, you will usually find a related YouTube video near the top of the search results, or at least on the first page of results. Therefore, if your clinic website has no videos, then you’re missing out on this golden opportunity to take one of the first page results for your keywords. That’s why it also makes SEO sense to have relevant and useful videos on your website.

How to Prepare For Your First Video Shoot

Videos have now become one of the most effective tools in the medical marketing arsenal. These days doctor websites design is not complete without a video of a physician or a medical professional speaking about their services. Moving pictures complement still images in a way that makes the overall message cohesive and clear. Both provide potential clients with a glimpse of the services that you have to offer.

When preparing for your first video shoot for your medical website, it is important to work closely with your medical advertising agency. They will provide you with the basics, but you need to prepare most of the materials.

1. Script and Storyboard

As a medical professional, you have an intimate knowledge of your expertise and what you can offer to your clients. Write the initial draft of the script and speak with your medical marketing consultants to fine-tune your message.

Creating a storyboard will allow you to visualize the big picture of the video and help you to focus on the details of the medical services that you want to highlight. Your video clip should be long enough to draw out interest from your viewers, but short enough to keep them from getting bored.

2. Location Shooting

As you prepare your script, visualize the locations of the shoot. You may want to capture footage of your office, your facility, and your staff. Make sure that everything is neat and tidy. Other things that you need to consider are lighting and noise. Although there are equipment and technologies that can be used by your healthcare ad agency to fix lighting and noise concerns, it is still best not to have them in the first place.

3. Props

Like real movies, your video clip will not be complete without the appropriate props. A stethoscope on your neck will immediately drive home the idea that you are a doctor. The name plate on your desk will remind them who you are long after you have introduced yourself. Of course, a shot of a medical consultation will not be complete without any relevant charts that audiences can relate with. You are filming a video designed to instill trust in your potential patients, so make sure that all of your props will convey the message that you are a medical professional.

4. Make-up and Wardrobe

You and your medical staff are the actors in your website film. Wearing your uniform will definitely play a significant role in your video portrayal. Make-up will enhance your natural appeal and make you look more “real when viewed. Your healthcare advertising agency will definitely help you make wise decisions when it comes to your wardrobe and make-up.

Shooting a video for your website is one of the best decisions you can make for your medical marketing strategy. Call our medical marketing experts (link to Contact page) now for a free consultation on how you can make videos work for your business and round out your medical website design.