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Common Medical Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Medical marketing is like an exact science. It is a more challenging field than the others because it involves marketing a wide range of highly regulated services and not physical products. Success in digital marketing is very possible when you angle correctly and you target the right audience. However, for you to achieve these, you must avoid the following mistakes made by most of the digital marketers in this field:

Lack of defined campaign aims

Successful medical marketing must have clearly defined campaign goals. Having campaign aims allows you to track your efforts and know if what you are doing is working or note. Such campaign goals can include measurable actions such as number of signups, form completions, and phone call inquiring about a particular service.

Not having patient-centric mentality

Most of the digital marketers involved with medical marketing usually fail to put themselves in the position of the patients when they are creating campaigns. As a result, the campaigns fail to relate to the target audience and this makes their investment worthless in the long run.

Reaching out to the wrong audience

It is possible for the medical marketer to have very nice campaigns with great content but still fail to convert because they are placed before the wrong eyeballs. It is important to get the ideal patient demographic and the good news is that there are several tools to help you nail the demographics right.

Failing to perform split testing

Just like in any other niche, A/B testing is very important in discovering the winning campaigns and those that ought to be killed. Most people in healthcare marketing, however, fail to run small tests to identify the winners before going full scale. They end up wasting their advertising dollars with very dismal results.

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Personalized Medical Marketing Services in Flushing, NY

MD Marketing Experts offer many marketing services to the Flushing, NY and surrounding areas. We offer many services that other marketing companies offer as well, including: branding, business consulting, SEO, PPC, research and content, graphic design, social media, photography and videography. So, why choose us?

Why MD Marketing Experts?

At MD Marketing Experts we offer personalized services. To get the best SEO for doctors we take the time and put in the effort it takes to stand out and make a difference in the industry. For plastic surgery SEO we will create a customized plan for your business that will bring growth and success.

Any time you have a question or suggestion you will be able to reach us by cell phone. We are always here to help.

What Can You Expect?

You can expect MD Marketing Experts to get to know you and your business very well. There will be regular communication, timely follow-ups, and straightforward pricing. We have extensive knowledge and experience in all medical fields, specializing in plastic surgery SEO.

If you’re interested in growing your business in the medical field, you need SEO for doctors. And you don’t need just any SEO company, you need a personalized medical marketing team. Here at MD Marketing Experts in Queens, NY we offer all that and more.

If you live in the Flushing, NY area, please contact us today for your free face-to-face consultation. We also service clients nationally. Call us at 888-248-7999 or by filling out this form. We look forward to our personalized medical marketing relationship with you!

Where To Get Your All in One Medical Marketing Services

At MD Marketing Experts we are your one stop shop for all of your medical marketing needs. If you need it, we have it. We offer business consulting, online marketing, website design, social media management, and more.

Where Are We Located?

Our office is located in Flushing, NY and we service the surrounding areas. As much as we love our local clients, we also value our clients all across the nation. So if you are a doctor in the United States who needs some marketing done, check out all of the awesome services we offer. If you work in or around Queens, NY then come by for a face-to-face!

SEO for Doctors

MD Marketing Experts does SEO right for doctors. We specialize in everything from plastic surgery SEO to general SEO for doctors. We do branding, business consulting, search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC), researching and content, graphic design, social media, photography, and videography.

Why Choose MD Marketing Experts?

MD Marketing Experts is a personalized business, you will always be able to get in contact with your account manager. We have lots of experience with medical marketing, ensuring you that you will get the best services. We have a proven track record of success. We are conveniently located in Flushing, NY providing all in one marketing solutions.

So, if you are in the Queens, NY area and want to meet face to face please schedule your free consultation today. If you are elsewhere, we would be happy to meet with you virtually. Call us at 888-428-7999 or fill out this form.

The Perks of Working with Marketing Agencies for Healthcare Providers

Marketing Strategies for Healthcare Service Providers

The more people know about where they can get great healthcare services, the better. Also, the more aware people are about their nearest or local healthcare providers, the more convenient it is for them to find services when it comes to a medical emergency.

For those two reasons and more, healthcare providers should have the appropriate marketing strategies for theirs and the local community’s benefit. Not only will locals be more informed of a variety of healthcare choices, the healthcare providers themselves can attract more patients for their clinics.

Our Healthcare Marketing Agency provides offline and online marketing strategies to help spread the name of your clinic and your healthcare services. Our team of marketing experts are well-versed in a variety of strategies such as brand building, social media marketing, SEO or search engine optimization, and more.

The Advantages of Working with Us

Being a boutique firm of medical marketing consultants, we’re able to properly manage the marketing needs of our clients while still giving them personalized services. Our team’s broad knowledge in offline and online marketing strategies allow us to come up with the most suited strategy for our individual clients.

Here are a few of the more specific reasons on why clients choose us to help with their marketing needs:

– We make it convenient. Some of our clients consider us to be their “all in one” marketing solution since we have experts on both offline and online marketing. This means it’ll only take clients one or two phone calls/emails to contact us for any questions or consultations. Coordination is also a lot easier since everyone is working in one team. We eliminate the hassle of having to phone and coordinate with multiple companies for a range of marketing needs.

– We’re effective. We’ve been in business for quite a while, and we’ve been doing great since then. We’ve helped past and current clients improve their brand visibility and overall profitability. We have a successful track record, and so far our clients have been happy with the solutions we provided them.

– We’re experienced. Being in the business of medical marketing for a significant amount of time has given us extensive experience and information in the fields of health, sales and marketing. Our experience and background allow us to be fully equipped to come up with the most appropriate solution and strategy to help our clients increase their sales.

– We make things personal in a good way! The strategies we come up with are often customized and targeted differently for different clients. We don’t offer a “one size fits all” service, since each client has his/her own set of needs that can only be solved through a personalized approach. We also make it easy for clients to get a hold of us whenever they need us. Our clients are often able to talk directly with our account manager, as we make it a point to always make ourselves available for our clients.

The Benefits of Online Marketing for Healthcare Providers

There are numerous ways for healthcare providers to benefit from online marketing strategies in general. We live in the technological age now, and more often than not, when people need something they turn to the internet.

What are some of these benefits? Here are some examples:

– It’s easier and quicker to disseminate useful and legit information on health and medicine.

– Promoting or spreading messages about your healthcare services is more cost-effective. There’s little to no need for you to spend on print or television ads which can be expensive.

– It’s easier to find reviews or find out what your patients think about your healthcare services.

– Social media and online marketing is now more mainstream than ever, which means there are several patient potentials from the millions of internet surfers.

– Communicating with your patients is made easier and more convenient.

Our Marketing Services

Offline or online, we like to give our clients all around solutions for their marketing strategies. Here is a list of the services we have to offer for our clients:

  • Branding
  • Business Consulting
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC)
  • Research and Content
  • Website Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Social Media
  • Photography
  • Videography

Contact us by visiting our website at so we can start building a marketing strategy just for you! Let’s help you build your medical practice’s identity both offline and online!

Your Business is in Good Hands with Healthcare Marketing Agency

What is a Marketing Expert?

A marketing expert is someone who knows how to provide the best and the most effective solutions for all your marketing needs.

What is a Medical Marketing Expert?

A medical marketing expert is someone who knows how to provide powerful online and offline strategic medical marketing services for healthcare professionals.

What Company Offers Medical Marketing Services?

A Healthcare Marketing Agency like the MD Marketing Expert, is the best choice if you are looking for a company that can help your medical website be seen online and get more patients to avail your medical services. They have a team of medical marketing experts who will take the time to get to know you and your goals, and provide you with personalized services that you did not get from larger firms. They offer effective marketing strategies, such as:

  • Branding – Providing a consistent brand and message online through your website. They make sure you and your customers connect by representing your site across multiple websites that match and still have their own personalities. They will create strong marketing profiles that make your practice looks great, and matching videos and players that are consistent with your brand. They will build marketing campaigns that strengthen your business online to gain the trust of your target market.
  • Business Consulting – They make sure to check everything, like evaluate your existing marketing materials, evaluate your customer relationship management system, evaluate the overall environment and perception, evaluate and improve existing advertising efforts, and identify new leads. There will be no stone left unturned. They want to ensure nothing is holding your business back to become a success online.
  • Search Engine Optimization – They can optimize your medical website to be seen on the first page of all search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing because they knew that when people search online, they will only click on the first few options. They want to make sure you are one of the first few options and get more customers.
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) – They can help capture more leads by smartly placing your ad on Google, Yahoo and Bing. They will help you track your true conversion and optimize your campaign effectively. Plus you will only pay when a potential customer clicks on your ad!
  • Content Writing – They create engaging, informative and human-friendly content. They write content that readers will easily understand and provide helpful tips or information. Their content will invite your target market to visit your website and become loyal customers.
  • Web Design – They can turn your website into a profit center. They create a responsive website that attracts your potential customers and convert their visits to sale.
  • Graphic Design – They do graphic design that can immediately capture potential customers’ attention at the same time create a sense of professionalism, influence emotions and build trust.
  • Social Media – You can become a social butterfly with the help of these medical marketing experts. They can create social media pages that can ‘wow” visitors and encourage them to follow, like, share tweet, and become loyal customers.
  • Photography – They can create credible and trustworthy images through their photography service, No need to use stock photos for your website because you can have your own professional marketing images that you want your client to see.
  • Videography – They can create professional videos that tell about your story to your potential clients.


If you found this type of Healthcare Marketing Agency, just like, you can be assured that you are in good hands. They do not just provide Plastic Surgery SEO services but they can revamp old websites and create new ones that can surely bring you ahead of your competition. They care for you that is why they always have time to get to know you and your business better to be able to give you the right and the best services.

Why Do You Need A Business Consultant?

Good question! Why will you hire another person if your business is doing well? Many business owners resist the idea of bringing in somebody from the outside to look into their businesses and tell them what to do. But more than just “meddling” into someone’s endeavor, hiring a business consultant actually has lots of benefits.

1. Expertise
Business consultants are often experienced in the field that they are working on. What they bring to the table are results of their vast experience and training, which business owners may lack. For example, you want to bring your business from the real world to the world of bits and bytes. If you have no knowledge of how to conduct business through the internet, then your plan will just remain a dream without getting the help of someone who knows about setting up websites and marketing online.

2. Additional manpower at no extra cost
Consultants are often hired on a per-project basis. As such, you can work on a specific budget without worrying about cost overruns or paying for benefits. You can discuss budget, timeframe, and other expenditures even before you hire.

3. You have a built-in protection when it comes to results
Business consultants rely equally on their reputation as much as they depend on their skills. Their effectiveness is always measured by the results they achieve. They will not take on a job unless they know that they can deliver and they have the skill set and the tools to deliver the goods.

4. Catalyst of growth or purveyor of doom
Your business may be doing well, but does it still have the potential to grow? That’s one question that business consultants can answer for you. Entrepreneurs sometimes become so relaxed because their business is raking in profits that they fail to see that there are more opportunities to gain. On the flipside, owners can be so stubborn to see that their business is a losing proposition and the best way to survive is to set it in a completely different direction or close it to cut losses.

5. A different perspective
A business success is also determined by dynamism. There are practices that are used over and over again because they have proven their effectiveness. But like anything else in this world, there is always a room to do things better. Consultants can also help you adapt to new developments. There are changes in legislations, policies, trade agreements, and other economic factors that might have direct impact on your business. Securing the help of experts will allow you to adjust your business to become relevant.

6. Pay for the service that you need
Services offered by consultants are wide and varied. You can hire a consultant based on what you need. If you want to train your consultants on the latest marketing strategy, then you get an expert on the field of marketing. This will help you develop your staff to become more competitive and productive.

As a business and a business owner, you need to always remain competitive. The existence of your business is a reflection of how good you have managed it so far. Hiring a business consultant will provide you with fresh eyes and an entirely different point-of-view that will push you to achieve more business success.

Why MD Marketing Experts Gets to Know You Personally

What sets MD Marketing’s healthcare advertising agency services apart from our competition is that we take the time to get to know each client before we even start building a medical marketing strategy. As pioneers in providing out-of-the-box medical marketing services to doctors, MD Marketing takes care of all your branding and web design needs, but only after we get a clear picture of who you are.

We create personalized logo creation, graphic arts and programming services for our doctor website designs, catered to exactly what you need for your site. But that’s not all. As experts in both SEO and PPC, we can provide you with great internet visibility and also manage marketing material solutions for you. Our dedicated research teams of medical marketing consultants make sure that your website content is engaging and motivates readers to call for an appointment!

Our medical advertising agency experts stay on top of the best trends for communicating your services to your clients, and we can effectively incorporate both videos and photographs in your website for visual appeal and an SEO edge. Most website visitors remember photographs and videos more than the actual content itself as visuals have more of an impact. Like a well furnished waiting room in a doctor’s clinic, your medical website design serves to make the best first impression possible on your visitors.

Our list of capabilities is long. Let’s talk about your practice and see how our medical marketing services can grow your business. MD Marketing can improve your internet visibility and online lead generation. We are always looking for new ways to bring our clients more business, so contact us today at 1-888-428-7999 for your free consultation!