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Blog Topic Areas For Physicians

Frequent blog posts are the best way, outside of a pay per click (PPC) campaign for doctors, to increase web traffic. However, it is not always easy to come up with eighteen or twenty original topics in a month. This exercise is a vital one, because Google harshly punishes websites that duplicate content.


So, to help you avoid a prolonged stare at a blank document while waiting for inspiration to strike at random, here are a few topic suggestions.




Yes, the content must be original, but there is a difference between original content and original ideas. Avoid the former, but do not be afraid to do the latter.


Recycling topic areas is especially a good idea for doctors, because for example, if you have a pain management clinic, searchers will probably only be interested in blogs about pain management.


Pay special attention to the blog library page on your website. Do not duplicate topics on the first page, because casual searchers may think that you have nothing new to say. Instead, go to the first two or three topics on the next page, and consider writing another post that updates or supplements the prior one.


In the News


Selecting a new story, summarizing it, and then delving into the issues that the story raises is usually a good idea as well. Such an approach not only keeps topics reasonably fresh, but also adds content to the blog. Typically, in the news blogs do very well for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) purposes for a few days or weeks and then their value diminishes significantly, especially if the embedded links go dark. That often happens with news stories.




In terms of search volume, these blogs usually remain relatively flat, with no upfront spike and no cliff-like dropoff. List blogs, such as “5 Random Thoughts That Popped Into My Head This Morning,” usually do well. The headlines are catchy, they lay out a clear roadmap for the reader, and they help build authority.


Google AdWords is a good and inexpensive way to find out what people are looking for on the web, and therefore what evergreen topics your blog should include.


Successful medical marketing largely depends on an effective blog. For a free consultation, contact us online or call 888-428-7999.

Social Media Marketing For Physicians
MD marketing Experts Social media

There is a vigorous debate among doctors and SEO professionals as to whether social media marketing is essential for a practice’s profitability, a complete and utter waste of time, or somewhere in between. Truth be told, there is considerable support for almost any position on this spectrum.

As in many areas of life, the “somewhere in between” response is probably the correct one.

Much of SMM depends on the type of practice. If most of your patients have been coming for more than about five years and you have little room for new patients, social media marketing should probably be limited, to avoid bringing in new business and new inquiries that you quite frankly do not have the time to handle. In these rare cases, a limited campaign that focuses on very high quality content is probably best, because your patients still expect to find you on social media.

However, if you are new to the area or are offering a new service, thoughtful and aggressive SMM could be just what you need to get your message out and expand your practice.


SMM Campaign Elements

Most doctors do not utilize social media, so now is an excellent time to launch a concerted medical marketing campaign.

  • Photos: People are much more likely to read the text if there is a relevant photo attached. Consider investing in a Shutterstock or other account.
  • High Quality Content: People expect their doctors to use highly technical words and phrases, but at the same time, they also expect physicians to explain these terms in ways that they can understand, perhaps by analogy or example.
  • Frequent LinkedIn Posts: This social media site is a great place to get referral business, so posts should have more of a clinical, B2B tone.
  • Join the Conversation: A thoughtful comment or Tweet is almost like the 21st-century equivalent of being an expert panelist on a TV talk show.

To keep the conversation going, ask lots of questions. You’ll get accurate feedback, and you’ll also demonstrate an interest in your patient’s lives.

No matter what platform you use, be sure all your content conforms to the EAT standard, as it should be engaging, authoritative, and trustworthy (there is a way that a reader can contact you directly).

At MD Marketing Experts, we help doctors broadcast their message, attract new patients, and retain the ones they have. For a free consultation, contact us online or call 888-428-7999.


Why Branding is Important for Your Medical Practice
branding mdme

Here at MD Marketing Experts in Queens, New York we serve clients nationally to assist them in their healthcare marketing needs. Part of the medical marketing services we offer is branding. We like to say that perception is reality. Let us create how people will perceive you by starting with branding your medical practice.

We will take the time to get to know you and your medical practice in-depth before anything else. We need to know and understand you so we can pinpoint what makes you stand out. We will conduct interviews and questionnaires to get to know you and from there we will develop a marketing campaign. Your medical practice will appear as though it has its own in-house marketing team!

If you are in the Flushing, New York area we can talk in person about branding your medical practice. If you are not in the area, no worries, we can meet online or by phone for your free consultation.

Image is everything with competitive businesses. Let us help you create the best possible branding images for your medical practice. As a medical marketing agency, we know the ins and outs of marketing and medical practices. We have the perfect combination of knowledge to create a brand that will win over new patients and keep current ones.

If you are in Queens, New York or the surrounding areas (or would like to meet online or by phone) do not hesitate to reach out and ask us for our help. We thrive in the healthcare marketing industry and would love to help you build your brand. Remember, perception is reality and image is everything. You need a brand that will wow people and stick with them for years to come; and we can create that brand with you!

We hope you found this blog to be informative and welcome you to contact us via Email or calling 888-428-7999 for a free consultation.

Grow Your Medical Site Business with Local Search
local web search for MDME

Recent online marketing statistics show that 4% of Google searches a month are directed towards looking for local sites in the United States. Before you say that it’s just a small number, that 4% is equivalent to four billion local searches. Staggering number, isn’t?

So what does this mean for your medical website?

It simply means that the potential to increase your business is enormous if you are able to maximize the benefits of local searches. If you will analyze it closely, it is just practical for any person to look for a medical clinic or site within his area, right? So if you focus your SEO strategies on local searches, your medical site will be on top of search engine results when your location is included in the search parameters.

Understanding Local Searches

Search engine giants like Google plays around with their search algorithms to provide users with the most relevant search results. Since 2012, Google search results are a mix of SEO-driven outcome and local queries. In fact, search parameters do not necessarily need to include an area or locality to come up with a local result. Factors like the location of the person doing the search are included in the mix, resulting in search results that are local in nature.

Services like medical clinics often target customers within their area of operation. As such, it is very important that marketing strategies include a good dose of local search optimization. This includes local directory listings, social media efforts, and site reviews in Google+ and the likes.

How to Maximize Local Listings for Your Medical Website

In order for your website to rank well in local searches, you need to have your business listed in different online directories like Google+ Local, Yahoo Local, Internet Yellow Pages, Bing Places, and other similar sites. Many of these online directories are for free and all you need is to provide them with your business information which includes:
1. Business name;
2. Local phone number from your location or area (not toll-free numbers, call tracking numbers, or shared phone numbers).
3. Physical address (not PO Box, shared address, or virtual office)
4. Ability to conduct face-to-face transactions.

Aside from your website, local directory listings will make your business more visible in the internet. Make sure that all information are current and uniform when listing your site in different directories especially when it comes to your business title. For example, if your medical site is listed as “Extreme Medical Clinic”, don’t use “Extreme Chicago Medical Clinic” in a Chicago-based local listing. This will make the search engines look at your business name as two distinct entities.

Similarly, if you believe that inserting your area of operation (as in the example “Chicago”) in your business title will have a positive impact on your business, then you must process a change in business name and register a new “Doing Business As” or DBA. If your website has been in existence for a long time, you must take extra precaution before changing your business title as it will have an impact on your ranking and previous reviews.

Local directory listings have great potential when it comes to pushing your website and your business to greater heights. However, it will require a lot of effort and dedication to see the results. The current search trends show that including local directory listings in your SEO strategy will provide great benefits – if you’d prefer to have an expert optimize your local search listings, contact us today for a free consultation!

How Having an All in One Marketing Solution Helps Your Practice Run Smoothly

So why is corporate branding important to you and what does it involve? The idea behind corporate branding is to give your medical practice or medical business a professional identity that will impress upon your potential clients a high level of professionalism.

And how does MD Marketing Experts achieve this? Our medical advertising agency experts take the necessary time to get to know your business inside and out. We’ll conduct interviews and utilize questionnaires to find out every single detail about your medical business. We want to fully understand your practice, your staff, and all the services that you offer. Our team will find out what makes you unique from your competition and will develop an image and medical marketing campaign that focuses on your particular businesses strengths.

MD Marketing Experts know that it’s no easy thing to trust your image to an outside party, but the results they’ve achieved for their clients speak for themselves.

Image Is Everything
At MD Marketing Experts we’re firm believers of the old saying “image is everything.” Having an image that is impressive as well as professional, and giving that good overall first impression will make sure the clients you attract will become lifelong relationships providing you with sustainable business. Corporate branding allows your practice to take on a professional and consistent image that you want clients to have of your business.

The Importance of Doctor Website Designs
Your website should be a part of your corporate branding strategy, and the health and wellness industry has some of the most professional looking websites you can find online. A client will visit many sites before choosing whom to contact. And it’s no surprise that most potential clients will regard the design, the ease of use, and the functionality along with how easy it is to get the information they are looking for. A website that is hard to navigate will run off potential clients. It’s important that your website is built by healthcare ad agency experts who know what successful doctor website designs should look like. MD

Marketing Experts makes this easy and can build you the best website in the industry. But they don’t just build your website; they take care of all your medical website design needs from logo creation, graphic art, programming, and design with professional colors and an overall pleasing appearance. And easy navigation is very important for all clients of all ages and skill levels. Your website should be intuitive to use so that the information the potential client is looking for is easy to find.

Along with your new medical website design you should incorporate search engine optimization to allow people to easily find you online. You can have the nicest website in the world, but without a medical marketing consultant running the SEO behind the scenes, it would never be found online. SEO is the practice of optimizing a website so that it can be found in the first pages of results depending on the keywords your business will use. Those will depend on the services that you offer. Search engine optimization of websites is more competitive today than it’s ever been. It’s important that the content of your website fully portrays what you offer as a medical practice or business. Let MD Marketing Experts take care of all this for you.

Don’t waste another moment with a website that isn’t working for you to generate business. Contact MD Marketing Experts today at 1-888-428-7999. to schedule a free consultation with one of our medical advertising agency experts and learn what we can do to grow your practice.

Why MD Marketing Experts Gets to Know You Personally

What sets MD Marketing’s healthcare advertising agency services apart from our competition is that we take the time to get to know each client before we even start building a medical marketing strategy. As pioneers in providing out-of-the-box medical marketing services to doctors, MD Marketing takes care of all your branding and web design needs, but only after we get a clear picture of who you are.

We create personalized logo creation, graphic arts and programming services for our doctor website designs, catered to exactly what you need for your site. But that’s not all. As experts in both SEO and PPC, we can provide you with great internet visibility and also manage marketing material solutions for you. Our dedicated research teams of medical marketing consultants make sure that your website content is engaging and motivates readers to call for an appointment!

Our medical advertising agency experts stay on top of the best trends for communicating your services to your clients, and we can effectively incorporate both videos and photographs in your website for visual appeal and an SEO edge. Most website visitors remember photographs and videos more than the actual content itself as visuals have more of an impact. Like a well furnished waiting room in a doctor’s clinic, your medical website design serves to make the best first impression possible on your visitors.

Our list of capabilities is long. Let’s talk about your practice and see how our medical marketing services can grow your business. MD Marketing can improve your internet visibility and online lead generation. We are always looking for new ways to bring our clients more business, so contact us today at 1-888-428-7999 for your free consultation!