Case Studies


At MD Marketing Experts, we understand that a good website is only one part of a good online presence. That’s why we like to offer what we call a “digital facelift” to rejuvenate a brand’s entire online appearance, including logos, content, professional photoshoots, videos, and advertising campaigns. As these healthcare marketing case studies illustrate, this approach is often quite successful.

Our premise is that a modern, consistent, and well-made website will instill a feeling of trust and familiarity in potential clients, compelling them to choose your practice over your competition. Combining that with a consistent, professional message and image across all marketing materials, social media profiles, directory listings, etc. further solidifies the image to both clients and search engines.

Here are some of our most recent healthcare marketing case studies. All these clients are very happy with the increase in incoming phone calls and emails inquiring about their services.



When MD Marketing Experts first took over this account, Dr. Michael Fiorillo already had a substantial online presence, but the online content was not drawing patients to his practice.

Our professional team started simply, by redesigning the company’s logo to support a specific message. We did the same thing for each of Dr. Fiorillo’s half dozen websites, giving them a uniform appearance and textual message. We also highlighted the best parts of the practice, such as convenient clinic locations and Dr. Fiorillo’s presence in broadcast media. Interactive banners, scrolling testimonials, and video content encouraged potential patients to thoroughly explore each website. The rebranding spread to non-digital materials, such as print advertising and business cards, thus appealing to a wider audience.



No one seemed to know just how important nutrition and fitness consulting can be, and that’s where the total approach that MD Marketing Experts offers makes such a big difference.

In addition to updating the corporate logo, our design team reshaped the corporate website to guide viewers through the content and prompt them to schedule appointments online. We also developed an online marketplace for the sales of preferred products and streamlined the cumbersome new patient forms. Similarly to our work with Dr. Fiorillo, we reworked non-digital advertising as well.



After the initial analysis, it became clear that the company’s focus was overly narrow.

So, MD Marketing Experts rebranded the company, helping it appeal to a wider audience. We also reworked the website, with bright and colorful outer pages and content-rich inner pages. Our professional photography and editing services, which many other digital marketing firms do not offer, made a tremendous difference as well.

Just like we did with these healthcare marketing case studies, MD Marketing Experts can give your website the fresh new look it needs to start bringing in new customers. Contact us today at 888-428-7999 to schedule a free consultation and complimentary website audit to discover how we can transform your practice!