5 Ways to Build Your Brand With Twitter

5 Ways to Build Your Brand With Twitter

In the digital age, it is now more important than ever for businesses to have a presence in the social networking arena. It is hard to deny the fact that many potential clients or customers find many businesses online using social networks such as Twitter. But just having a Twitter account is not enough, and building your following on Twitter can be a real challenge. There are a lot of successful companies and businesses doing the right things on social networks like Twitter that are gaining them a lot of exposure and helping them find potential clients and increasing business.

Here are 5 ways you can build your brand name or company name using Twitter.

1. Create a good profile that is optimized – It is important that your Twitter profile is laid out correctly and clearly states what your company is about and what services you provide. Tell your Twitter followers exactly what you will be tweeting about and also let your followers know how often they can expect posts from you. Doing this, your followers will not think you are spamming them as happens a lot on Twitter. It is also a good idea to keep a schedule and post during the times when people will see your tweets. If you post late at night or too early in the morning, your posts might not get seen.

2. Automate your tweets – Scheduling your posts is a good idea and there are some tools on the market that can do this for you so that you are not spending all day on Twitter, or having to pay someone to make your scheduled posts for you. There also might be times where it is not possible for you to make your scheduled tweets because you are too busy. Using automated tools for posting is a great idea and ensures that your posts go out the same time, all the time. Just be careful to not abuse such tools. Nothing will make you lose followers faster than posting too many tweets.

3. Be personal and engage your followers – Although you now have the tools online to make automated posts, you should remember that you will need to spend some time interacting with your followers on questions they might tweet back to you. So along with your scheduled posting, you should find the time to quickly skim through your Twitter feed and answer those questions, put yourself in the conversations happening, and show that you are not just a company with automated Tweets. You will get questions directed towards you and it is a good idea to let people know you are actually there and reading their comments.

4. Stay consistent – It will take time to build your brand and achieve some credibility. It will take time to build your followers and show who you are on Twitter as a company or business. It is important to stay consistent on Twitter and keep posting and let your voice be heard. Make sure you are posting good content for your followers with links to important information. It will be up to you how often you wish to post but try to not post more than 6 times a day at the beginning. Once you have a lot of followers, you will want to schedule more posts to gain adequate exposure.

5. Reflect who you are – As a company and a business you should show everyone your services and how you are the best in your field of experience and expertise. Be professional but do not be afraid to inject your own personality into your posts who reflect who you are as a company or individual professional.


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